Oracle9i Application Server
  Release 2 (9.0.2) for AIX-Based Systems, hp Tru64 UNIX, hp HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit), and Linux x86
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Introduction Documentation
Quick Tour

The Oracle9i Application Server Quick Tour introduces the features and functionality of Oracle9i Application Server.

Oracle9i Application Server Introduction

Oracle9i Application Server provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any application server on the market, by delivering the most comprehensive, standards-based functionality from a single fully integrated e-Business platform. With Oracle9iAS you can:

  • build and deploy dynamic Web sites, J2EE applications and Web Services;
  • create personalized portals;
  • make sites and applications accessible from both traditional browsers and mobile devices;
  • run any Web site or Internet application faster than any other application server on the market;
  • provide real-time "personalized" recommendations based on visitor "click", purchase, demographic and ratings data; analyze clickstream logs and extract web traffic business intelligence;
  • integrate existing applications, data sources and trading partners into one common e-business infrastructure;
  • collaborate effectively with all your stakeholders;
  • manage and secure all of your Web infrastructure;
  • scale your Web sites and applications as your business grows and deliver reliable, 24*7 service to all your users around the globe.

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