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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Application Server Migrating From WebLogic
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A95109-01
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1 Overview

Overview of J2EE
What is the J2EE Application Model?
What is the J2EE Platform?
What is an Application Server?
Overview of Oracle9iAS
J2EE Application Migration Challenges
J2EE Application Architecture
Migration Issues
Migration Approach
Migration Effort
Using This Guide

2 Comparison of Oracle9iAS and WebLogic Server 6.0

Application Server Product Offerings
WebLogic Server 6.0
WebLogic Server
WebLogic Enterprise
WebLogic Express
Oracle9i Application Server
Architecture Comparison
WebLogic Server 6.0 Components and Concepts
Oracle9iAS Components and Concepts
Oracle9iAS Instance
Oracle HTTP Server
OC4J Instances
Oracle Process Management Notification (OPMN) Service
Distributed Configuration Manager (DCM)
Oracle9iAS Infrastructure Repository
Oracle9iAS Web Cache
Clustering and Load balancing
What is Clustering?
Benefits of Clustering: Failover Recovery
What is LoadBalancing?
WebLogic Server 6.0 Suppport for Clustering and Load Balancing
HTTP Session State Load Balancing and Failover (Servlet Clustering)
EJB and RMI Object Load Balancing and Failover
Oracle9iAS Support for Clustering and Load Balancing
Oracle9iAS Clusters
OC4J Islands
J2EE Support Comparison
Java Development and Deployment Tools
WebLogic Server Development and Deployment Tools
WebLogic Server Development Tools
WebLogic Server Administration Console
Oracle9iAS Development and Deployment Tools
Development Tools
Assembly Tools
Administration Tools

3 Migrating Java Servlets

Differences Between WebLogic Server and Oracle9iAS Servlet Implementations
OC4J Key Servlet Container Features
Migrating a Simple Servlet
Migrating a WAR File
Migrating an Exploded Web Application
Migrating Configuration and Deployment Descriptors
WebLogic Server 6.0
Migrating Cluster Aware Applications

4 Migrating JSP Pages

Differences Between WebLogic Server and Oracle9iAS JSP Implementations
OC4J JSP Features
Oracle JDeveloper and OC4J JSP Container
Migrating a Simple JSP Page
Migrating a Custom JSP Tag Library
Migrating from WebLogic Custom Tags
WebLogic Server cache Tag
WebLogic Server process Tag
WebLogic Server repeat Tag
Precompiling JSP Pages
Using the WebLogic Server JSP Compiler
Using the OC4J JSP Pre-translator
Standard JSP Pre-translation Without Execution (based on the JSP 1.1 specification)
Configure the JSP Container for Execution with Binary Files Only

5 Migrating Enterprise JavaBean Components

Differences Between WebLogic Server and Oracle9iAS EJB Implementations
EJB Container Facilities
More Efficient Container Managed Persistence
Clustering Support
Security and LDAP Integration
EJB Migration Considerations
Migration Steps
Setting Deployment Properties
Vendor-specific Deployment Descriptors
Generating and Deploying EJB Container Classes
Loading EJB Classes in the Server
Migrating EJBs in a EAR or JAR File
Migrating an Exploded EJB Application
Configuring EJBs using Deployment Descriptors
Writing Finders for RDBMS Persistence
WebLogic Query Language (WLQL)
Message Driven Beans
Configuring Security
Migrating Cluster-Aware Applications to OC4J
EJB Clustering in WebLogic Server
In-Memory Replication for Stateful Session EJBs
Requirements and Configuration
EJB Clustering in Oracle9iAS
Load Balancing

6 Migrating JDBC

Differences between WebLogic and Oracle9iAS Database Access Implementations
Overview of JDBC Drivers
Migrating Data Sources
Data Source Import Statements
Configuring Data Sources in the Application Server
Obtaining a Client Connection Using a Data Source Object
Migrating Connection Pools
Overview of Connection Pools
How Connection Pools Enhance Performance
Overview of Clustered JDBC
Performance Tuning JDBC

A Oracle9iAS 1.0.2.x and WebLogic Server 6.0 Comparison

Performance Results and Analysis
Performance and Scalability Results
Feature Comparison
Installation and Configuration
Performance and Scalability
J2EE Container Features
Clustering Support
Sample Migration Case Study

B Partner Migration Tools

Features of Cacheon Migrator


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