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Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number A95295-02
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This procedure creates the join relationships between a fact table and a set of dimension tables. A join must be specified for each of the dimensions of the cube. Each dimension is joined in the context of one of its hierarchies.

For example, if you had a cube with three dimensions, and each dimension had only one hierarchy, you could fully map the cube with one call to MAP_FACTTBL_LEVELKEY.

However, if you had a cube with three dimensions, but two of the dimensions each had two hierarchies, you would need to call MAP_FACTTBL_LEVELKEY four times to fully map the cube. For dimensions Dim1, Dim2, and Dim3, where Dim1 and Dim3 each have two hierarchies, you would specify the following mapping strings in each call to MAP_FACTTBL_LEVELKEY, as shown below.

Dim1_Hier1, Dim2_Hier, Dim3_Hier1
Dim1_Hier1, Dim2_Hier, Dim3_Hier2
Dim1_Hier2, Dim2_Hier, Dim3_Hier1
Dim1_Hier2, Dim2_Hier, Dim3_Hier2

Typically the data for each hierarchy combination would be stored in a separate fact table.

For more information, see"Joining Fact Tables with Dimension Tables" .


          cube_owner         IN   VARCHAR2,
          cube_name          IN   VARCHAR2,
          facttable_owner    IN   VARCHAR2,
          facttable_name     IN   VARCHAR2,
          storetype           IN   VARCHAR2,
          dimkeymap           IN   VARCHAR2,
          dimktype           IN   VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL);


Table 26-12  MAP_FACTTBL_LEVELKEY Procedure Parameters
Parameter Description


Owner of the cube.


Name of the cube.


Owner of the fact table.


Name of the fact table.


One of the following:

LOWEST LEVEL, for a fact table that stores only lowest level data

ET, for a fact table that stores embedded totals in addition to lowest level data

ROLLED UP, for an embedded total fact table with key columns for all levels


A string specifying the mapping for each dimension of the data in the fact table. For each dimension you must specify a hierarchy and the lowest level to be mapped within that hierarchy.

Enclose the string in single quotes, and separate each dimension specification with a semicolon. Each dimension specification must be in the following form:


This string must also be specified as an argument to the MAP_FACTTBL_MEASURE procedure.


This parameter is not currently used.


Table 26-13  MAP_FACTTBL_LEVELKEY Procedure Exceptions
Exception Description


User does not have the necessary privileges. User must be the dimension owner and have the OLAP_DBA role.


Cube not found.


Fact table not found.