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Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96653-02
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List of Figures

1-1 Typical Data Guard Configuration
2-1 Possible Standby Configurations
5-1 Archiving Redo Logs
5-2 Redo Log Reception Options
5-3 Data Guard Configuration with Dependent Destinations
5-4 Primary Database Archiving When There Is No Standby Database
5-5 Basic Data Guard Configuration
5-6 Archiving to a Physical Standby Destination Using the Logwriter Process
5-7 Archiving to a Logical Standby Destination Using the Logwriter Process
6-1 Automatic Updating of a Physical Standby Database
6-2 Automatic Updating of a Logical Standby Database
7-1 Role Transition Decision Tree
7-2 Data Guard Configuration Before a Switchover Operation
7-3 Standby Databases Before Switchover to the New Primary Database
7-4 Data Guard Environment After Switchover
7-5 Failover to a Standby Database
8-1 Standby Database Open for Read-Only Access
12-1 Archiving Operation to an Alternate Destination Device
12-2 Specifying Disk Quota for a Destination
B-1 Standby Database in Manual Recovery Mode
B-2 Manual Recovery of Archived Logs in an Archive Gap
C-1 Archiving Redo Logs from a Multi-instance Primary Database
C-2 Standby Database in Real Application Clusters
D-1 Cascaded Redo Log Destination Configuration Example