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function GetDiagramURL

 (x_agent in varchar2,
x_item_type in varchar2,
x_item_key in varchar2,
x_admin_mode in varchar2 default 'NO')
return varchar2;


Can be called by an application to return a URL that allows access to the Workflow Monitor with an attached access key password. The URL displays the diagram for a specific instance of a workflow process in the Workflow Monitor operating in either 'ADMIN' or 'USER' mode.

The URL returned by the function WF_MONITOR.GetDiagramURL( ) looks as follows:

<webagent>/wf_monitor.html?x_item_type=<item_type>&x_item_key=<item_key>&x_admin_mode=<YES or NO>&x_access_key=<access_key>

<webagent> represents the base URL of the web agent configured for Oracle Workflow in your Web server. See: Setting Global User Preferences.

wf_monitor.html represents the name of the PL/SQL package procedure that generates the Workflow Monitor diagram of the process instance.

The wf_monitor.html procedure requires four arguments. <item_type> and <item_key> represent the internal name of the item type and the item key that uniquely identify an instance of a process. If <YES or NO> is YES, the monitor runs in 'ADMIN' mode and if NO, the monitor runs in 'USER' mode. <access_key> represents the access key password that determines whether the monitor is run in 'ADMIN' or 'USER' mode.

Arguments (input)

x_agent The base web agent string defined for Oracle Workflow or Oracle Self-Service Web Applications in your Web server. The base web agent string should be stored in the WF_RESOURCES table, and looks something like: http://<>/<PLSQL_agent_path>
When calling this function, your application must first retrieve the web agent string from the WF_RESOURCES token WF_WEB_AGENT by calling WF_CORE.TRANSLATE( ). See: Setting Global User Preferences.
x_item_type A valid item type.
x_item_key A string generated from the application object's primary key. The string uniquely identifies the item within an item type. The item type and key together identify the process to report on.
x_admin_mode A value of YES or NO. YES directs the function to retrieve the access key password that runs the monitor in 'ADMIN' mode. NO retrieves the access key password that runs the monitor in 'USER' mode.

Following is an example of how you can call the GetDiagramUrl. This example returns a URL that displays the Workflow Monitor diagram for a process instance identified by the item type WFDEMO and item key 10022, in 'USER' mode:


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