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External Document Integration

Documents have an enormous impact in the operations of an organization. With the explosion of digital media and the worldwide web, electronic documents of a wide variety of formats, including non-printed media, are forcing organizations to address the management of these documents. The value of information in these documents can be maintained only if the documents can be managed and shared.

In a workflow process, you can attach documents generated by a PL/SQL procedure, which we call PL/SQL or PL/SQL CLOB documents. You attach a document to a workflow process by referencing the document in a predefined item attribute or message attribute of type Document. See: Attribute Types, To Define an Item Type or Activity Attribute and To Define a Message Attribute.

For PL/SQL documents and PL/SQL CLOB documents, the item or message attribute's value would be the name of the PL/SQL package and procedure used to generate the document. The PL/SQL procedure must follow an Oracle Workflow standard interface. The document generated by the PL/SQL procedure is simply displayed within the text of a notification. See: Standard APIs for "PL/SQL" and "PL/SQL CLOB" Documents.

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