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The Messages branch of the navigator tree lists all available workflow messages for the current item type.

A message is what a notification activity sends to a role in a workflow process. A message can prompt a user for a reply or an action to take that determines what the next activity in the process should be. The recipient of a workflow message is called the performer.

Each message is associated with a particular item type. This allows the message to reference the item type's attributes for token replacement at runtime when the message is delivered.

When you define a message, you can specify that the message prompts a recipient for a special response value that the Workflow Engine then uses to determine how to branch to the next eligible activity in the process. You can create a message with context-sensitive content by including message attribute tokens in the message subject and body that reference item type attributes. A message function lets you include a formatted table of message attributes or a notification history table in the message body. You can also attach message attributes that represent entire documents or URLs to a notification message. In addition, you can create message attributes that generate a response section that is unique to the message.

You can drag a message onto the Notifications branch to create a new notification activity that sends that message. You can also drag a message directly onto an existing notification activity to update the message that the activity sends.

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