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Product Survey Process

You can initiate a sample workflow process that sends a survey to elicit individual responses from a group. There are two different survey processes that you can initiate. Each survey process implements the survey method differently. However, both survey processes are based on a table that stores survey responses and a sequence that creates unique survey IDs.

You can initiate this example process if you are using the standalone version of Oracle Workflow. If you are using Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications, you should consider this process mainly as an example for explanation purposes and not for demonstration use. The files necessary to set up and run this demonstration are not provided with the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

Attention: For detailed information about runnable workflow processes that are integrated with Oracle Applications or Oracle Self-Service Web Applications, refer to the appropriate Oracle Applications User's Guide or online documentation. See: Predefined Workflows Embedded in Oracle E-Business Suite.

You can initiate a Product Survey process from the Oracle Workflow Launch Processes web page or from the Workflow Demonstrations web page. When you initiate a Product Survey process, you must specify a survey requestor role, a survey participant role, a survey name, a timeout in number of minutes, and the process name to run. You can select one of two different process names:

When you choose Single Process, the process sends a notification with Expand Roles enabled to the survey participants role. This causes the notification system to send an individual copy of the survey to each user in that group role. A post-notification function associated with the survey notification activity validates the responses and writes them to a table once the notification times out or all responses are received. The process then sends an FYI notification to the survey participants with the results of the survey. The process ends without a result.

When you choose Master/Detail Process, a master process determines all the participant users in the survey role and creates a detail work item for each user. The master process then waits until all detail work items complete before continuing. The detail work item is a detail process that sends a survey notification to a single user. A post-notification function associated with the survey notification activity in the detail process validates the response received and writes it to a table. Once all detail work items time out or all detail responses are received, the Workflow Engine returns control to the master process. An FYI notification in the master process then sends the results of the survey to all the survey participants. The process ends without a result.

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