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Document Review Process

Attention: Document management functionality is reserved for future use. This description of the Document Review Process is provided for reference only.

The Document Review Process requests approvers to review and approve attached documents by integrating notifications with a document management system. Any user participating in the Oracle Workflow administration role can initiate the Document Review process from the Oracle Workflow Launch Processes web page or from the Workflow Demonstrations web page. You must provide the following item attribute values to launch the process: Item Key, User Key, Process Owner, Send Document, Document Owner, and Document Reviewer.

The process definition of the Document Review Process is automatically installed for you by the Workflow Configuration Assistant for the standalone version of Oracle Workflow or by AutoUpgrade for the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

When you submit a Document Review request in this demonstration, the process sends a notification to the designated reviewer to approve a document and, optionally, allows the reviewer to provide an alternate document in response. If the reviewer approves the document, the process ends with a result of Approve. If the reviewer rejects the document, the requestor has the option to resubmit the document for approval. If the requestor chooses to resubmit the document for approval, the process loops back to send the Review Document notification. Otherwise, the process ends with a result of Reject.

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