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Oracle Workflow Business Event System Implementation in Oracle E-Business Suite

The products listed below leverage the Oracle Workflow Business Event System for business process integration. A full description of each feature is documented in its respective product's User's Guide or Configuration Guide, if one is available.

See Also

Oracle Support Policy for Predefined Workflows, Events, and Subscriptions

Oracle Payables

E-mail Remittance Advice Program

- When you confirm a payment batch or create a Quick payment, the Business Event System initiates this program which automatically sends an e-mail to each supplier that has a remittance advice e-mail address defined.

Oracle XML Gateway

Oracle XML Gateway leverages the Oracle Workflow Business Event System to publish and subscribe to application business events of interest to automatically trigger message creation or consumption. Seeded Workflow functions are provided for use in Workflow processes to interact directly with the XML Gateway Execution Engine to generate outbound or to consume inbound messages. The outbound messages generated by the Execution Engine are made available to the downstream Workflow activity for processing. The Execution Engine consumes the inbound messages passed to it by a Workflow process.

Two item types are delivered with the XML Gateway: the XML Gateway Standard Item Type and the XML Gateway Error Processing Item Type.

XML Gateway Standard Item Type - The XML Gateway Standard Item Type includes the Raise Document Delivery Event, which is used to raise a business event from an existing Workflow process. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing Workflow process with Oracle XML Gateway to create an outbound XML message. The functions included with the XML Gateway Standard Item Type are Consume XML Document, Generate XML Document, Generate Trading Partner XML Document, Send Document, Transform XML, and Transaction Delivery Required.

Configure the seeded events and event subscriptions delivered by the Oracle E-Business Suite for pre-built XML messages in support of Business-to-Business or Application-to-Application integration.

XML Gateway Error Processing Item Type - The XML Gateway Error Processing Item Type contains error handling processes to manage errors detected by the Oracle Workflow Business Event System or Oracle XML Gateway. The error processes are: Default Error Process, ECX Engine Notification Process, ECX Main Error Process, ECX Main Inbound Error Process, ECX Main Outbound Error Process, Error Handling for Inbound Messages, and Error Handling for Outbound Messages.

The XML Gateway Error Processing Item Type supports two event activities: Receive Error and Receive Send Notification Event. The Receive Error event is used by the XML Gateway to indicate that the XML Gateway execution engine has detected an error. The Receive Send Notification Event is used to indicate that the execution engine has identified a need to send a notification for errors related to an inbound process.

Oracle Workflow error handling provides active error notification to the XML Gateway System Administrator or Trading Partner with support for the Workflow retry and reprocess features. The functions provided by the XML Gateway Error Processing Item Type are: ECX Reprocess Inbound, ECX Resend Outbound Message, Get ECX In Error Details, Get ECX Out Error Details, Get System Administrator Role, and Get Trading Partner Role.

For more information, see: Oracle XML Gateway User's Guide.

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