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Reviewing a Summary of Your Notifications via Electronic Mail

You can have a summary of your workflow notifications delivered to you as a single e-mail message if your notification preference is set to 'Plain text summary mail' in the User Preferences web page. The frequency that you receive notification summaries depends on how frequently your Notification Mailer for notification summaries is scheduled to run. See: Starting the Notification Mailer


You can receive your e-mail notification summary using any e-mail reader. The following example shows a notification summary received through Netscape Messenger as the mail client.

The e-mail notification summary is based on a standard template defined in Oracle Workflow Builder. The summary identifies the recipient, notification ID, subject, priority and due date of each notification. See: Modifying Your Message Templates.

It also indicates that if you wish to view the details of the notification or respond or close the notification, you should use the Notification Web page.

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