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Default Error Process

At design time, Oracle Workflow permits you to specify an error handling process to execute if an error is detected in your current process. You indicate the error handling process in your process, function, or event activity's Details property page. You specify the internal names of both the item type that owns the error handling process and the error handling process.

Oracle Workflow provides a special item type called System: Error, which contains three error processes that you can use for generic error handling in any of your processes. Note however, that you cannot customize the error processes in the System: Error item type. If you want to incorporate functionality that is not available in these error processes, you should create your own custom error handling process in your own item type.

Note: Rather than relying on an error process to handle errors due to specific business rule incompatibilities, you should try to model those situations into your workflow process definition. For example, if a function activity can potentially encounter an error because a business prerequisite is not met, you might model your process to send a notification to an appropriate role to correct that situation if it occurs, so that the workflow process can progress forward. If you do not model this situation into your workflow process, and instead rely on the error to activate an error process, the entire workflow process will have an 'Error' status and will halt until a workflow administrator handles the error.

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