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A service is bundled into a simple service package and modeled as a local directory containing at least:

A MANIFEST file that points to the service descriptor file.

A service descriptor XML file is the key XML document that describes the service and points to the following descriptor .xml and .xsd files within its service header section:
One classification descriptor XML file.
One service developer organization descriptor XML file.
One or more service developer contact descriptor XML files.
One service request definition XML schema (.xsd) file.
One service response definition XML schema (.xsd) file.

The service descriptor file also describes in its service body section how the four types of service adaptors are to be used to handle the submitted service request (input adaptor), adapt the XML service request to the communication protocol used by the remote service developer (protocol adaptor), determine execution flow (if desired) of a service (execution adaptor), and transform the raw response returned by the remote service developer into a service XML response (output adaptor).