Figure 1-1, the Build Process
This figure depicts the model build process.
The left side of the diagram shows the steps to perform before data can be supplied to the algorithm that will build the model. These "pre-processing" steps are termed in the figure "user data preparation." The pre-processing result is the build data table. The build data table and the mining function settings are shown as boxes with arrows pointing to the algorithm, indicating that they are supplied (as input) to the algorithm.
In user data preparation, the user transforms raw data (for example, randomizing, normalizing, etc. ). The user may bin the data manually, which produces (in addition to binned data) bin boundary tables. In cases where there is no clear way to determine optimal or preferred bin boundaries, ODM can perform the binning automatically. This automatic binning also results in bin boundary tables that are associated with the model.
The mining function settings are parameters that determine the type of model to build. These settings can be specified by the user or, for certain parameters, by ODM if the user elects not to specify them.
The algorithm then builds the model, using the pre-processed data, the mining function settings, any internal bin boundary tables, and the core algorithm.