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Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number A95295-02
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Using the OLAP Summary Advisor Wizard

To create concatenated rollup MVs for CWM cubes, use OLAP Summary Advisor.

Oracle Enterprise Manager has two distinct Summary Advisors. They generate very different types of materialized views. One Summary Advisor generates materialized views for Oracle OLAP, and the other generates materialized views for other types of applications.

The Summary Advisor that you need to use for OLAP is located within the OLAP Management tool. It generates materialized views that query rewrite will use for queries generated by the OLAP API.

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Procedure: Run the OLAP Summary Advisor

Follow these steps to run the OLAP Summary Advisor wizard:

  1. Start Oracle Enterprise Manager and access OLAP Management, as described in Chapter 5, "Creating OLAP Catalog Metadata".
  2. Expand the OLAP folder, then fully expand the Cubes folder.
  3. Right-click a cube or its Materialized Views subfolder.

    You see a popup menu.

  4. Choose Summary Advisor from the menu.

    You see the Summary Advisor Wizard Welcome page.

  5. Choose Next.

    The Summary Advisor analyzes the cube and makes recommendations for creating materialized views for the fact table and dimension tables associated with the selected cube. When it is done, you see the Recommendations page.

  6. Choose Next.

    The Summary Advisor generates the scripts to create the recommended materialized views. When it is done, you see the Finish page.

  7. Examine the scripts. If you have already created the materialized views for another cube that uses some of the same dimensions, delete the scripts that recreate materialized views for those dimensions.
  8. To modify the scripts, choose Save to file. Then choose Cancel to close the Summary Advisor. You can edit the file, then execute it using SQL*Plus or Job Manager.


    Choose Finish to execute the original scripts immediately. You see the Implement Recommendations page while the scripts are executing.

  9. Run the OLAP Summary Advisor wizard on other cubes in your schema.