This illustration shows the Create Job dialog box.

There are five tabs:

The Parameters tab is selected and it has a "Selected Tasks" window on the left-hand side. This window shows two options: Startup Cluster Database, and Shutdown Cluster Database. The Startup Cluster Database option is selected.

The right-hand portion of the Parameters panel shows the Startup Cluster Database Parameters. There are two drop-down menus on this side: the Startup menu and the Connect As menu. Options for Connect As appearing to the right are Restrict Connections and Force Startup.

Beneath this are the Override Preferred Credentials options. If you select Override Preferred Credentials, then enter a Username on the left side of this option field, and a Password on the right side.

There are three radio buttons in the bottom-left corner of the dialog box: Submit, Add to Library, and Submit & Add to Library.

There are three buttons in the bottom-right corner of the dialog box: the Submit button, the Cancel button, and the Help button.