This illustration shows the Event Management Tests Menu. As described in the previous test, there are six tabs accross the top of this page:

For each tab you select, a window appears on the left-hand side with details about that tab's options. Depending on the tab, a window may appear on the right-hand side for further details.

In this example, the Tests tab is selected and there are not any selected tests appearing in the Selected Tests: window on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, the Available Tests window lists the types of test available. For the Cluster Database test, there are five Global Cache tests available:

Select one or more of these tests. Then to add them to the scheduled tests window on the left-hand side, click Add which appears in the center between the Selected Tests window and the Available Tests window. Below the Add button is the Remove button that you can click to remove a test from the Selected Tests window.

There are three radio buttons in the bottom-left corner of the dialog box: Submit, Add to Library, and Submit & Add to Library.

There are three buttons in the bottom-right corner of the dialog box: the Submit button, the Cancel button, and the Help button.