This screen displays the Database Storage page. The screen is split vertically into two panels. The panel on the left shows the database storage folders. The storage components shown on the left include the Controlfile, Tablespaces, Datafiles, Rollback Segments, and Redo Log Groups. Below these is a scroll bar that allows you to scroll the storage items. Below the scroll bar are the Add and Remove buttons that you can use to perform operations on the storage items.

The folders can be expanded to display their contents. In this figure, the panel on the right displays the General Tab. Behind the General Tab and not fully displayed in this figure is the Options tab. The General Tab shows the File Name column, and to the right of this is the File Directory column. Below the General Tab window and to the right is the File Location Variables button.

On the bottom of the screen, from left to right are the Cancel, Help, Back, and Next buttons.