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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Backup and Recovery Concepts
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96519-01
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1 Backup and Recovery Overview

Backup and Recovery: Basic Concepts
Oracle Backups: Basic Concepts
Oracle Recovery: Basic Concepts
Errors and Failures Requiring Recovery
Media Failure
User Error
Database Instance Failure
Statement Failure
Process Failure
Network Failure
Data Structures Used for Database Recovery
Redo Logs
Rollback and Undo Segments
Control Files
Database Archiving Modes
Oracle's Backup and Recovery Solutions
System Requirements for Backup and Recovery Methods
Feature Comparison of Backup Methods

2 Backup Principles

Physical and Logical Backups
Physical Backups
Logical Backups
Whole Database and Partial Database Backups
Whole Database Backups
Tablespace Backups
Datafile Backups
Control File Backups
Archived Redo Log Backups
Consistent and Inconsistent Backups
Consistent Backup
Inconsistent Backup
Online and Offline Backups
Backups of Online Tablespaces and Datafiles
Backups of Offline Tablespaces and Datafiles
RMAN and User-Managed Backups
RMAN Backups
User-Managed Backups

3 Recovery Principles

Types of Oracle Recovery
Instance and Crash Recovery
Media Recovery
Redo Application During Recovery
About Redo Application
Cache Recovery
Transaction Recovery
Complete and Incomplete Media Recovery
Complete Recovery
Incomplete Recovery
RMAN and User-Managed Restore and Recovery
RMAN Restore and Recovery
User-Managed Restore and Recovery

4 Backup and Recovery Strategies

Backup Strategies
Obeying the Golden Rule of Backup and Recovery
Choosing the Database Archiving Mode
Multiplexing Control Files, Online Redo Logs, and Archived Redo Logs
Performing Backups Frequently and Regularly
Performing Backups Before and After You Make Structural Changes
Backing Up Often-Used Tablespaces
Performing Backups After Unrecoverable Operations
Performing Whole Database Backups After Opening with the RESETLOGS Option
Archiving Older Backups
Knowing the Constraints for Distributed Database Backups
Exporting Data for Added Protection and Flexibility
Avoiding the Backup of Online Redo Logs
Keeping Records of the Hardware and Software Configuration of the Server
Restore and Recovery Strategies
Testing Backup and Recovery Strategies
Validating Backups and Restores Using RMAN
Planning a Response to Media Failures
Planning a Response to Datafile Block Corruption
Planning the Response to Non-Media Failures



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