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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Database Error Messages
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96525-01
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Part I Introduction

1 Using Messages

Locating Message Documentation
Oracle Database Server
Product Specific
Operating System-Specific
Accuracy of Messages
Message Format
Recognizing Variable Text in Messages
Message Stacks
Contacting Oracle Support Services
Oracle Exception Messages
Trace Files
The Alert File

Part II Oracle Database Server Messages

2 ORA-00000 to ORA-00899

3 ORA-00900 to ORA-01499

4 ORA-01500 to ORA-02099

5 ORA-02100 to ORA-04099

6 ORA-04100 to ORA-07499

7 ORA-07500 to ORA-09857

8 ORA-09858 to ORA-12299

9 ORA-12300 to ORA-12399

10 ORA-12400 to ORA-12699

11 ORA-12700 to ORA-19399

12 ORA-19400 to ORA-24279

13 ORA-24280 to ORA-29249

14 ORA-29250 to ORA-32799

15 ORA-32800 to ORA-32999

16 ORA-33000 to ORA-65535

Part III Oracle Database Server Utilities Messages

17 Export Messages (EXP)

18 Import Messages (IMP)

19 SQL*Loader Messages (SQL*Loader)

20 External Tables Messages (KUP)

21 DBVERIFY Messages (DBV)

22 DBNEWID Messages (NID)

23 Parameter Messages (LCD)

24 Summary Advisor, Explain Rewrite, and Explain Materialized View Messages (QSM)

25 Recovery Manager Messages (RMAN)

Part IV Core Library Messages

26 Parameter Messages (LRM)

27 BFILE-Related Messages (LFI)

Part V PL/SQL Messages

28 PL/SQL and FIPS Messages (PLS)

Part VI Oracle OLAP Catalog Metadata Messages

29 Oracle OLAP Catalog Metadata Messages (AMD)

Part VII Network Messages

30 Oracle Net Messages (TNS)

31 Oracle Names Client Messages (NNC)

32 Oracle Names Server Messages (NNO)

33 Oracle Names Control Utility Messages (NNL)

34 Oracle Names Server Network Presentation Layer Messages (NPL)

35 External Naming Messages (NNF)

36 Simple Network Management Protocol Messages (NMP)

37 Remote Operation Messages (NCR)

38 Network Security Messages (NZE)

Part VIII Precompiler Messages

39 SQL*Module Messages (MOD)

40 Object Type Translator Type File Messages (O2F)

41 Object Type Translator Initialization Messages (O2I)

42 Object Type Translator Unparser Messages (O2U)

43 Pro*COBOL Messages (PCB)

44 PCF FIPS Messages (PCF)

45 Pro*C/C++ Messages (PCC)

46 SQL Runtime Messages (SQL)

Part IX interMedia Messages

47 interMedia Audio Messages (AUD)

48 interMedia Image Messages (IMG)

49 interMedia Video Messages (VID)

Part X Oracle Text Messages

50 Oracle Text Messages (DRG)

Part XI XML Messages

51 XML Parser Messages (LPX)

52 XML Schema Processor Messages (LSX)

Part XII Oracle Trace Messages

53 Oracle Trace Collection Services Messages (EPC)


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