Question: What type of replication site? Choices: Master or Materialized View

If master, then complete the following steps:

  1. Use Setup Wizard to Set Up Master Sites (Right-click Multimaster Replication object).
  2. Create a Master Group at Master Sites (Right-click Master Groups folder).
  3. Question: Are data conflicts possible? Choices: Yes or No

    If yes, then complete Step 3. If no, then end.

  4. Configure Conflict Resolution Methods on Master Tables (See Chapter 5).

If materialized view, then complete the following steps:

Question: Does the master site for the materialized view site exist? Choices: Yes or No. If yes, then complete the following steps. If no, then complete the previous steps to set up a master site.

  1. Use Setup Wizard to Set Up Materialized View Sites (Right-click Materialized View Site object).
  2. Create Materialized View Log at Master Site for Fast Refresh (Right-click Materialized View Logs folder).
  3. Question: How do you want to build the environment? Choices: At Master Site with Deployment Template or At Materialized View Site

    If at master site with deployment template, then complete the following steps:

  4. Use Deployment Template Wizard to Create Deployment Template (Right-click Templates folder).
  5. Package and Instantiate Deployment Template (see Chapter 4).
  6. If at materialized view site, then complete the following step:

  1. Use Materialized View Group Wizard to Create Materialized View Group (Right-click Materialized View Groups folder).