Question: What type of replication site? Choices: Master or Materialized View

If master, complete the following steps:

  1. Set Up Master Sites (see Chapter 2).
  2. Create a Master Group (see Chapter 3)
  3. Question: Are data conflicts possible? Choices: Yes or No

    If yes, complete Step 3. If no, end.

  4. Configure conflict resolution methods on master (see Chapter 6).

If materialized view, complete the following steps:

Question: Does the master site for the materialized view site exist? Choices: Yes or No.

If yes, complete the following steps. If no, complete the previous steps to set up a master site.

  1. Set Up Materialized View Sites (see Chapter 2).
  2. Question: How do you want to build the environment? Choices: At Master Site with Deployment Template or At Materialized View Site

    If at master site with deployment template, complete the following steps:

  3. Create deployment template (see Chapter 4).
  4. Package for instantiation and instantiate deployment template (see Chapter 4).
  5. If at materialized view site, complete the following step:

  1. Create materialized view group (see Chapter 5).

All of these steps are explained in detail in Chapters 2 - 6.