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procedure Total

 (itemtype in varchar2 default null,
itemkey in varchar2 default null,
enddate in date default sysdate,
docommit in boolean default TRUE);


Deletes all eligible obsolete runtime item type and activity data that is associated with the specified item type and has an END_DATE less than or equal to the specified end date. Total() also deletes ad hoc roles and users that are no longer in use by calling AdHocDirectory(). See: AdHocDirectory.

Because Total() purges all activities and ad hoc role information, it is more costly in performance than Items(). If you want to purge a specific item key, use Items(). Use Total() as part of your routine maintenance during periods of low activity. See: Items.

Arguments (input)

itemtype Item type associated with the obsolete runtime data you want to delete. Leave this argument null to delete obsolete runtime data for all item types.
itemkey A string generated from the application object's primary key. The string uniquely identifies the item within an item type. If null, the procedure purges all items in the specified itemtype.
enddate Specified date to delete up to.
docommit Specify TRUE or FALSE to indicate whether to commit data while purging. If you want Total() to commit data as it purges to reduce rollback segments and improve performance, specify TRUE. If you do not want to perform automatic commits, specify FALSE. Defaults to TRUE.
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