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Part Number A95265-03
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Process Window

The Process window in Oracle Workflow Builder graphically represents the activities (icons) and transitions (arrows) for a particular process. Each activity is a node, a logical step that contributes toward the completion of a process.

You can drag and drop activities from the navigator tree into the Process window or create activities directly in the Process window. The properties for an activity node may be viewed or edited by double clicking on the node in the Process window with the select mouse button. You define transitions between activities by drawing arrows from one node to the next using the secondary mouse button.

Notification, function, event, and process activities make up the nodes of a process. If a process contains a process activity in its diagram, that process activity is known as a subprocess. There is no restriction on the depth of this hierarchy. To display the subprocess diagram in a Process window, double-click on the subprocess activity node in the parent Process window.

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