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Release 2.6.2

Part Number A95265-03
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To Define an Agent


Attention: This URL accesses a secured page, so if you have not yet logged on as valid user in the current web session, you will be prompted to do so before the page appears. You must have workflow administrator privileges to access the Event Manager web pages.

Note: You can also access the Agents web page from the Oracle Workflow home page. See: Accessing the Oracle Workflow Home Page.

Attention: The internal name must be all-uppercase and should not include any single or double quotation marks (' or ") or spaces.

 <schema>.<queue>@<database link>

Note: You must enter the database link name exactly as the name was specified when the database link was created. See: Creating Database Links.

Attention: You must enter the queue handler name in all uppercase.


Attention: You must enter the queue name in all uppercase.

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