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Overview of Oracle Workflow Access Protection

Access protection is a feature that prevents workflow seed data created by a 'seed data provider' from being modified by a 'seed data consumer'. Here, a 'seed data provider' is any organization that creates 'seed data' for other organizations ('seed data consumers') to use in defining and customizing a workflow process. In Oracle Workflow, seed data refers to either of the following:

For example, the Oracle Workflow development team is a provider of seed data called the Standard item type. The Standard item type contains standard activities that can be dropped into any custom workflow process. The development team at your organization's headquarters may create a custom workflow process definition that references activities from the Standard item type. This makes the headquarters team a consumer of the Standard item type seed data.

Now suppose the headquarters team wants to deploy the custom workflow definition that it created to teams at other regional offices. The headquarters team, as seed data providers, may want to do the following:

The headquarters team can satisfy both requirement using the access protection feature in Oracle Workflow. Access protection lets seed data providers protect certain data as 'read-only', while allowing other data to be customized. Also during a seed data upgrade, access protection lets the seed data provider overwrite any existing protected seed data with new versions of that seed data, while preserving any customizations made to customizable seed data.

Oracle Workflow assigns a protection and customization level to every workflow object definition stored in the database and requires every user of Oracle Workflow to operate at a certain access level. The combination of protection, customization, and access levels make up the access protection feature and determines whether a user can modify a given workflow object. The level in all three cases, is a numeric value ranging from 0 to 1000 that indicates the relationship between different organizations as providers and consumers of seed data.

The following range of levels are presumed by Oracle Workflow:

0-9 Oracle Workflow
10-19 Oracle Application Object Library
20-99 Oracle Applications development
100-999 Customer organization. You can determine how you want this range to be interpreted. For example, 100 can represent headquarters, while 101 can represent a regional office, and so on.
1000 Public

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