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Item Type Attributes

A set of item type attributes is defined at both design-time and runtime for each item. These attributes provide information to the function and notification activities used in the processes associated with the item type.

When you define item type attributes at runtime, you can add either individual attributes or arrays containing several attributes of the same type, using the appropriate Workflow Engine APIs. Similarly, you can set the values of existing attributes either individually or in arrays containing several attributes of the same type.

Use the array APIs whenever you need to add or set the values of large numbers of item type attributes at once. These APIs improve performance by using the bulk binding feature in Oracle8i and higher to reduce the number of database operations. See: AddItemAttributeArray and SetItemAttributeArray.

Note: These array APIs handle arrays that are composed of multiple item type attributes grouped together by type. Oracle Workflow does not support individual item type attributes that consist of arrays themselves.
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