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Pro*COBOL® Programmer's Guide
Release 9.2

Part Number A96109-03
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List of Tables

2-1 Embedded SQL Statements
2-2 Relational Operators
4-1 Summary of Oracle Built-In Datatypes
4-2 External Datatypes
4-3 Date Format
4-4 Pseudocolumns and Internal Datatypes
4-5 Functions and Internal Datatypes
4-6 Host Variable Declarations
4-7 Compatible Oracle Internal Datatypes
4-8 Globalization Support Parameters
4-9 Conversions Between Internal and External Datatypes
4-10 Formats for Date Strings
4-11 Host Variable Equivalencing
4-12 Parameters for Host Variable Equivalencing
4-13 VARNUM Examples
6-1 Legal Datatype Conversions
7-1 Host Tables Valid in SELECT INTO
7-2 Host Tables Valid in UPDATE
8-1 Predefined Classes
8-2 DSNTIAR Error Codes and Their Meanings
8-3 Parameter Datatypes
8-4 SQLSTATE Codes
8-5 Status Variable Behavior with ASSUME_SQLCODE=NO and MODE=ANSI | ANSI14 and DECLARE_SECTION=YES
8-6 Status Variable Behavior with ASSUME_SQLCODE=YES and MODE=ANSI | ANSI14 and DECLARE_SECTION=YES
9-1 Appropriate Method to Use
10-1 ANSI SQL Datatypes
10-2 DYNAMIC Option Settings
10-3 TYPE_CODE Option Settings
10-4 Definitions of Descriptor Item Names
10-5 Oracle Extensions to Definitions of Descriptor Item Names
10-6 Descriptor Item Names for SET DESCRIPTOR
10-7 Extensions to Descriptor Item Names for SET DESCRIPTOR
11-1 Internal Datatypes and Related Codes
11-2 Oracle External and Related COBOL Datatypes
11-3 PL/SQL Datatype Equivalences with Internal Datatypes
11-4 Datatype Exceptions to the SQLPR2 Procedure
13-1 LOB Access Methods
13-2 Source LOB and Precompiler Datatypes
13-3 LOB Attributes
14-1 How Macro Option Values Set Micro Option Values
14-2 Option List
14-3 Formats for Date Strings
14-4 Types of Listings
14-5 Checking Done by SQLCHECK
A-1 Formats for Date Strings
C-1 Reserved Namespaces
F-1 Source/Type Column Meaning
F-2 Precompiler Directives and Embedded SQL Statements and Clauses