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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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(Read-only) The LINESLEFT option contains the number of lines left on the current page. The LINESLEFT option is meaningful only when PAGING is set to YES and only for output from commands such as REPORT and LISTNAMES.

Data type





Controlling Page Breaks

LINESLEFT is used primarily in report programs to check the number of lines left on a particular page. When the number of lines left is less than that required for a part of the report that you do not want interrupted by a page break, you can then use the PAGE command to skip to a new page.

The Effect of PAGESIZE

When you change the value of PAGESIZE, the value of LINESLEFT is adjusted accordingly. First, LINESLEFT is subtracted from the old value of PAGESIZE, which gives the lines already used. This result is then subtracted from the new value of PAGESIZE which gives the new value of LINESLEFT. When LINESLEFT becomes less than 1 as a result, a new page is started at the next output line.

The Effect of PAGING

When you set PAGING to NO, LINESLEFT is set to the value of PAGESIZE, and it keeps this value until PAGING is set to YES. When you set PAGING to YES, LINESLEFT begins counting the lines on the current page.

The Effect of OUTFILE

When you use the OUTFILE command to direct output to a file, LINESLEFT is set to 66 for the file, to match the default value of PAGESIZE. When you set PAGESIZE to a new value for the current outfile, LINESLEFT will be adjusted accordingly. For example, assume that you direct output to a file and then set PAGESIZE to 40. In this case, Oracle OLAP will set LINESLEFT to 40 for the file. This ensures that the first line of output to the file will trigger a new page when PAGING is set to YES.

When you use the OUTFILE command with the EOF keyword to redirect output to the default outfile, LINESLEFT will contain the value that it last held for the default outfile.

Sending LINESLEFT in Output

When you produce output that contains the value of LINESLEFT, the lines that contain this value are never included in the value recorded for LINESLEFT.


Example 16-23 Including a Footnote

In a report, you want a one-line footnote preceded by two blank lines at the bottom of a page. Use the following statements to generate the footnote when three lines remain on the page.

   BLANK 2
   ROW W 50 'Subject To Change Without Notice.'