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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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The MODMAXITERS option determines the maximum number of iterations Oracle OLAP will perform in attempting to solve a block of simultaneous equations in a model.


Table 17-1, "Model Options" for descriptions of all of the options that control the solution of simultaneous blocks.

Data type






A positive integer value that indicates the maximum number of iterations Oracle OLAP should perform in attempting to solve a simultaneous block. The default is 50.


Reporting Model Execution Results

When any equation in a simultaneous block diverges or fails to converge within the number of iterations specified by MODMAXITERS, the solution of the block fails and an error occurs. You can use the MODEL.XEQRPT program to produce a report on the results of the model's execution. The report indicates whether a simultaneous block diverged or failed to converge. When a block failed to converge, you can experiment with increasing the value of MODMAXITERS to see if convergence can be attained.

Attaining Convergence

Increasing the value of MODMAXITERS is just one of the steps you can take in attempting to attain convergence for a simultaneous block. For example, you can also experiment with changing the criteria used in testing for convergence and divergence.

Diagnosing a Problem

To see the results of each calculation as Oracle OLAP executes a model, set the MODTRACE option to YES before you run the model. Oracle OLAP records each equation in the current outfile before executing it and then records the results of the calculation in the current outfile. By examining the trace, you can observe progress and problems as they develop during the solution process.


Example 17-25 Model with MODMAXITERS

Suppose a model named MYMODEL contains a block of simultaneous equations that failed to converge within 50 iterations. The following statements increase the value of MODMAXITERS and run the model again.

myModel actual