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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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The STATLIST function returns a list of all values in the current status list of a dimension or dimension surrogate, or in a valueset. You can format the list to a specified width.

Return Value

STATLIST returns a list of TEXT values that contains either the dimension or dimension surrogate values themselves (for example, Jan95) or numbers (for example, 6) that represent the positions of the values in the default status list.

The returned values are in the form value TO value, for example, Jan9TO Jun96. When default status is in effect, it displays ALL. When the current status list or the valueset is empty, it displays NULL.


STATLIST(dimension [keyword] [width])



A text expression whose value is the name of a dimension, a dimension surrogate, or a valueset.


A keyword from Table 22-4, "Keywords for STATLIST". The keywords allow you to specify the form in which you want the values in the current status list to appear.

Table 22-4 Keywords for STATLIST

Keyword Description
INTEGER Specifies that STATLIST should return the list of values in the current status of a dimension in the form of the integer positions of those values in the default status list of the dimension.
TEXT Specifies that STATLIST should return the list of values in the current status of a dimension in the form of the value names of those values (Default).


An optional integer or integer expression that specifies the width of the list in characters. When no width is specified, STATLIST uses the current value of the LSIZE option. LSIZE has a default value of 80.


Compared to STATUS

The STATLIST function is employed by the STATUS command, which summarizes the status of a dimension. Use STATLIST rather than STATUS when you want to control the width or placement of the display.


Example 22-30 Producing a Status List with ROW

This example lists months in which total sales exceed $3,000,000.

These statements

LIMIT month TO TOTAL(sales, month) GE 3000000
ROW W 40 'Months with total sales over $3,000,000: '-
   W 40 STATLIST(month, 40)

produce the following output.

Months with total sales over $3,000,000: Jun95 TO Sep95, May96 TO Sep96

Example 22-31 Producing a Status List with SHOW

The following STATLIST command formats dimension values to a 20-character width.

LIMIT month TO 'Jan95' 'Mar95' 'May95' 'Jul96' 'Sep96' 'Nov96'

These statements produce this output.

Jan95, Mar95, May95,
Jul96, Sep96, Nov96

This statement lists dimension positions.


This is the output.

1, 3, 5, 19, 21, 23