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Oracle® Database Advanced Replication Management API Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10733-01
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This function generates a script at the master site that is used to create the materialized view environment at the remote materialized view site while the materialized view site is connected to the master (that is, while the materialized view site is online). This generated script should be used at remote materialized view sites that are able to remain connected to the master site for an extended amount of time, as the instantiation process at the remote materialized view site may be lengthy (depending on the amount of data that is populated to the new materialized views). This function must be executed separately for each user instantiation.

The script generated by this function is stored in the USER_REPCAT_TEMP_OUTPUT temporary view and is used by several Oracle tools, including Replication Manager, during the distribution of deployment templates. The number returned by this function is used to retrieve the appropriate information from the USER_REPCAT_TEMP_OUTPUT temporary view.


This function is for replication administrators who are instantiating for another user. Users wanting to perform their own instantiation should use the public version of the INSTANTIATE_OFFLINE function, described in "INSTANTIATE_OFFLINE Function" section.


   refresh_template_name   IN   VARCHAR2,
   site_name               IN   VARCHAR2  := NULL,
   user_name               IN   VARCHAR2  := NULL, 
   runtime_parm_id         IN   NUMBER    := -1e-130,
   next_date               IN   DATE      := SYSDATE,
   interval                IN   VARCHAR2  := 'SYSDATE + 1',
   use_default_gowner      IN   BOOLEAN   := true)


Table 21-66 INSTANTIATE_ONLINE Function Parameters  
Parameter Description

Name of the deployment template to be instantiated.


Name of the remote site that is instantiating the deployment template.


Name of the authorized user who is instantiating the deployment template.


If you have defined runtime parameter values using the INSERT_RUNTIME_PARMS procedure, then specify the identification used when creating the runtime parameters (the identification was retrieved by using the GET_RUNTIME_PARM_ID function).


Specifies the next refresh date value to be used when creating the refresh group.


Specifies the refresh interval to be used when creating the refresh group.


If true, then any materialized view groups created are owned by the default user PUBLIC. If false, then any materialized view groups created are owned by the user performing the instantiation.


Table 21-67 INSTANTIATE_ONLINE Function Exceptions  
Exception Description

Specified deployment template name is invalid or does not exist.


Name of the authorized user is invalid or does not exist. Verify that the specified user is listed in the DBA_REPCAT_USER_AUTHORIZATIONS view. If user is not listed, then the specified user is not authorized to instantiate the target deployment template.


Not all of the template parameters were populated by the defined user parameter values or template default values or both. The number of predefined values may not have matched the number of template parameters or a predefined value was invalid for the target parameter (that is, type mismatch).


Table 21-68 INSTANTIATE_ONLINE Function Returns
Return Value Description

<system-generated number>

Specifies the system-generated number for the output_id when you select from the USER_REPCAT_TEMP_OUTPUT temporary view to retrieve the generated instantiation script.