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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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This view displays information for parent objects in the data dictionary. There is one row per lock owner, and one waiter for each object. This row shows the mode held or requested. For objects with no owners or waiters, a single row is displayed.

Column Datatype Description
INDX NUMBER Index of the row
HASH NUMBER Hash value
ADDRESS RAW(4 | 8) Address of the parent object
CACHE# NUMBER Parent cache ID
CACHE_NAME VARCHAR2(64) Parent cache name
EXISTENT VARCHAR2(1) Indicates whether the object is an existing object
LOCK_MODE NUMBER Mode the lock is held in
LOCK_REQUEST NUMBER Mode the lock is requested in
TXN RAW(4) Transaction currently locking the object
SADDR RAW(4 | 8) Address of the session
Note: The following are only relevant for Real Application Clusters.
INST_LOCK_REQUEST NUMBER Mode in which instance lock is being requested
INST_LOCK_RELEASE NUMBER Whether the instance lock needs to be released
INST_LOCK_TYPE VARCHAR2(2) Type of instance lock
INST_LOCK_ID1 RAW(4) ID associated with the instance lock
INST_LOCK_ID2 RAW(4) ID associated with the instance lock
KEY RAW(100) Contents of the key