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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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V$STANDBY_LOG displays information about standby redo logs. Standby redo logs are similar to online redo logs, but standby redo logs are only used on a standby database that is receiving redo data from the primary database.

Column Datatype Description
GROUP# NUMBER Log group number
DBID VARCHAR2(40) Database ID of the primary database to which the standby redo logfile is assigned. If the standby redo logfile is unassigned, the value UNASSIGNED will be displayed.
THREAD# NUMBER Log thread number
SEQUENCE# NUMBER Log sequence number
BYTES NUMBER Size of the log (in bytes)
USED NUMBER Number of bytes used in the log
ARCHIVED VARCHAR2(3) Archive status (YES) or (NO)
STATUS VARCHAR2(10) Log status:
  • UNASSIGNED - Online redo log has never been written to. This is the state of a redo log that was just added, or just after a RESETLOGS when it is not the current redo log.

  • ACTIVE - Log is active but is not the current log. It is needed for failure recovery. It may be in use for block recovery. It may or may not be archived.

FIRST_CHANGE# NUMBER Lowest SCN in the log
FIRST_TIME DATE Time of first SCN in the log
LAST_CHANGE# NUMBER Last change number made to this datafile. Set to NULL if the datafile is being changed.
LAST_TIME DATE Time stamp of the last change