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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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ALL_SCHEDULER_WINDOWS displays information about the Scheduler windows accessible to the current user.

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DBA_SCHEDULER_WINDOWS displays information about all Scheduler windows in the database.

Column Datatype NULL Description
WINDOW_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the Scheduler window
RESOURCE_PLAN VARCHAR2(30)   Resource plan associated with the window
SCHEDULE_OWNER VARCHAR2(4000)   Owner of the window's schedule
SCHEDULE_NAME VARCHAR2(4000)   Name of the window's schedule
START_DATE TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE   Start date of the window (for an inline schedule)
REPEAT_INTERVAL VARCHAR2(4000)   Calendar string for the window (for an inline schedule)
END_DATE TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE   Date after which the window will no longer open (for an inline schedule)
DURATION INTERVAL DAY(3) TO SECOND(0)   Duration of the window
WINDOW_PRIORITY VARCHAR2(4)   Priority of the job relative to other windows:
  • HIGH

  • LOW

NEXT_START_DATE TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE   Next date on which the window is scheduled to start
LAST_START_DATE TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE   Last date on which the window opened
ENABLED VARCHAR2(5)   Indicates whether the window is enabled (TRUE) or disabled (FALSE)
ACTIVE VARCHAR2(5)   Indicates whether the window is open (TRUE) or not (FALSE)
COMMENTS VARCHAR2(240)   Comments on the window