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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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ALL_STREAMS_GLOBAL_RULES displays information about the following types of rules:

This view only contains information about rules created using the ADD_GLOBAL_RULES or ADD_GLOBAL_PROPAGATION_RULES procedures in the DBMS_STREAMS_ADM package. It does not contain information about rules created using the DBMS_RULE_ADM package.

Related View

DBA_STREAMS_GLOBAL_RULES displays information about the global rules created for all Streams capture processes, propagations, and apply processes in the database.

Column Datatype NULL Description
STREAMS_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the Streams process or propagation
STREAMS_TYPE VARCHAR2(11)   Type of the Streams process or propagation:



RULE_TYPE VARCHAR2(7)   Type of rule (DML or DDL)
INCLUDE_TAGGED_LCR VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether a redo entry or logical change record (LCR) with a non-null tag is considered for capture, propagation, or apply (YES) or not (NO)
SOURCE_DATABASE VARCHAR2(128)   Source database in the rule condition. The rule evaluates to true for a redo entry or logical change record (LCR) only if the redo entry or LCR contains this source database.
RULE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the rule
RULE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the rule
RULE_CONDITION VARCHAR2(4000)   First 4000 bytes of the system-generated rule condition evaluated by the rules engine