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Oracle Workflow API Reference
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10286-02
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procedure SetAdHocUserExpiration

(user_name in varchar2,
expiration_date in date default sysdate);


Updates the expiration date for an ad hoc user.

Note that although users and roles whose expiration date has passed do not appear in the seeded WF_USERS, WF_ROLES, and WF_USER_ROLES views, they are not removed from the Workflow local tables until you purge them using AdHocDirectory(). You should periodically purge expired users and roles in order to improve performance. See: Directory.

Attention: If you implement Oracle Internet Directory integration, you must maintain your users only through OID. You must not use the SetAdHocUserExpiration( ) API to update user information in the WF_LOCAL_ROLES table, because you risk discrepancies in your user information and unpredictable results if you use any tool other than OID to maintain users after integrating with OID.

Arguments (input)

user_name The internal name of the ad hoc user.
expiration_date New expiration date. If null, the procedure defaults the expiration date to sysdate.

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