This diagram shows the contents of the LOB Storage page. At the top, two selections display: Not Specified and Specified (which is selected). Immediately below this, the Tablespace list displays Default as the selection. Immediately below this is the Data Segment section. Below this is the Number of blocks accessed at one time (CHUNK) field. Immediately to the right of this field is a selectable list (Bytes is selected). Immediately below this field and list is the Space used for new version (PCTVERSION) field. A percentage sign displays immediately to the right of this field.

Below this is the Enable Lob Storage in Row check box (which is selected).

Below this is the Lob Cache section. There are two possible selections: On or Off (which is selected). Below this is the Override Default Logging Value check box. Below this is a grayed out check box called Generate full redo for LOB data pages (LOGGING).

Below this is a button called Data Storage.