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Oracle® Spatial Topology and Network Data Models
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10828-01
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List of Figures

1-1 Simplified Topology
1-2 Simplified Topology, with Grid Lines and Unit Numbers
1-3 Features in a Topology
1-4 Topology Geometry Layer Hierarchy
1-5 Mapping Between Feature Tables and Topology Tables
1-6 Nodes, Edges, and Faces
2-1 Editing Topologies Using the TopoMap Object Cache (PL/SQL API)
2-2 Editing Topologies Using the TopoMap Object Cache (Java API)
2-3 Adding a Non-Isolated Node
2-4 Topology Before Moving a Non-Isolated Node
2-5 Topology After Moving a Non-Isolated Node
2-6 Node Move Is Not Allowed
2-7 Topology for Node Movement Examples
2-8 Removing a Non-Isolated Node
2-9 Adding a Non-Isolated Edge
2-10 Moving a Non-Isolated Edge
2-11 Removing a Non-Isolated Edge
4-1 Loading Topology Objects into a Window
6-1 Network Hierarchy
6-2 Java Classes and Interfaces for Network Data Model
6-3 Simple Spatial (SDO) Network
6-4 Simple Logical Network
6-5 Roads for Spatial (LRS) Network Example
6-6 Nodes and Links for Logical Network Example