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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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3.5 Text Expressions

A text expression evaluates to data with the TEXT, NTEXT, or ID data type. Text expressions can be any combination of the following:

3.5.1 Working with Dates in Text Expressions

When you use a DATETIME value where a text value (TEXT, NTEXT, or ID) is expected, or when you store a DATETIME value in a text variable, then the DATETIME value is automatically converted to a text value.

The format of a DATETIME value is controlled by the NLS_DATE_FORMAT option. Once a DATETIME value is stored in a text variable, the NLS_DATE_FORMAT setting has no impact.

3.5.2 Working with NTEXT Data

TEXT and NTEXT data are interchangeable in most cases. However, implicit conversion can occur, such as when an NTEXT value is assigned to a TEXT variable. When TEXT is converted to NTEXT, no data loss occurs because the UTF-8 character encoding of the NTEXT data type encompasses most other data types. However, when NTEXT is converted to TEXT, data loss occurs when NTEXT characters are not represented in the workspace character set.

When TEXT and NTEXT values are used together, for example in a call to the JOINCHARS function, the TEXT value is converted to NTEXT and an NTEXT value is returned.