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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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The COMPILEWARN option controls whether Oracle OLAP records a warning message in the current outfile when a compilable object, such as a program or a model, is being compiled automatically. When a compilable object has been changed since the last time it was compiled or run, Oracle OLAP automatically compiles it when you execute it.

Data type






Oracle OLAP records a message warning you that a compilable object is being compiled automatically. The message explains why the compilation was necessary.


Oracle OLAP does not record a message warning you that an object is being compiled automatically. (Default)


Slower Response Time

Developing an Oracle OLAP application involves repeated editing of objects that must be recompiled each time you test them. The compile warning lets you know that the slower response of the application is because it is compiling code, and not because of problems with the application. In deeply nested applications, you may not even be aware that an object with new or revised code has been called.

Conditions for Automatic Compilation

A compilable object will be automatically compiled in the following cases:

Updating Your Analytic Workspace

When you receive the compile warning, you should update and commit your analytic workspace so the compiled code is saved as part of your analytic workspace and can be used in later sessions.


When you use the COMPILE command to compile an object, Oracle OLAP does not display the COMPILEWARN message.

OBJ Function

Use the OBJ function with the ISCOMPILED keyword to obtain information about the compilation status of a compilable object.


Example 9-14 Specifying That You Want Compiler Warnings

When COMPILEWARN is set to YES, when you run the do_report program just after editing it, Oracle OLAP places the following message in your current outfile before the do_report output.

DO_REPORT is being automatically compiled.