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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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The PAGESIZE option specifies the size of a page of output. The value of PAGESIZE is the number of output lines to be produced on each page. PAGESIZE is usually used in the initialization section of report programs. The PAGESIZE option is meaningful only when PAGING is set to YES and only for output from statements such as REPORT and LISTNAMES.

Data type






An integer expression that specifies the number of output lines on a page; n includes the top and bottom margins (controlled by the TMARGIN and BMARGIN options). The default is 66 lines, which is suitable for printing report output on 8 1/2" by 11" paper.


Usable Output Lines

When you use the standard heading and the default settings for the PAGESIZE, TMARGIN, and BMARGIN options, the total number of usable output lines is 61.

Output Lines
Lines from PAGESIZE                     66
Lines for TMARGIN                      - 2
Lines for the standard heading         - 2
Lines for BMARGIN                      - 1
Lines available for output              61


Eliminating Headings and Page Breaks

You can produce pages with no headings by using the statement PAGEPRG='NONE' or suppress page breaks entirely by using the statement PAGING = NO.

Forcing a Page Break

When PAGING is set to YES, you can force a page break at any point in a page of output by using a PAGE command.


PAGESIZE also controls the LINESLEFT option. When PAGESIZE is changed, Oracle OLAP adjusts LINESLEFT accordingly.

Output to the Default Outfile

When you set PAGESIZE for the default outfile, the new value remains in effect until you reset it, regardless of intervening OUTFILE commands that send output to a file. That is, the value of PAGESIZE is automatically saved for the default outfile.

Output to a File

To set PAGESIZE for a file, first make the file your current outfile by specifying its name in an OUTFILE command, then set PAGESIZE to the desired value. The new value remains in effect until you reset it or until you use an OUTFILE command to direct output to a different outfile. When you direct output to a different outfile, PAGESIZE returns to its default value of 66 for the file.


Example 19-24 Printing on Legal Paper

In this example, you want to produce a report that you will print on legal-size paper (8 1/2" by 14"). Include the following statement in the initialization section of your report program.