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Oracle® Real Application Clusters Administrator's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10765-01
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List of Tables

3-1 The ocrconfig Command Options
6-1 Archived Redo Log Filename Format Parameters
6-2 Location of Logs for Non-Cluster File System Local Archiving
6-3 NFS Configuration for Shared Read Local Archiving
8-1 How SQL*Plus Commands Affect Instances
8-2 Descriptions of V$ACTIVE_INSTANCES Columns
B-1 SRVCTL Commands Summary
B-2 SRVCTL Objects (Nouns) and Abbreviations
B-3 srvctl add Summary
B-4 srvctl add database Options
B-5 srvctl add instance Options
B-6 srvctl add service Options
B-7 srvctl add service Options for a New Instance
B-8 srvctl add nodeapps Options
B-9 srvctl add asm Options
B-10 srvctl config Summary
B-11 srvctl config database Options
B-12 srvctl config service Options
B-13 srvctl config nodeapps Option
B-14 srvctl enable Summary
B-15 srvctl enable instance Option
B-16 srvctl enable service Options
B-17 srvctl enable asm Option
B-18 srvctl disable Summary
B-19 srvctl disable instance Options
B-20 srvctl disable service Options
B-21 srvctl disable asm Option
B-22 srvctl start Summary
B-23 srvctl start database Options
B-24 srvctl start instance Options
B-25 srvctl start service Options
B-26 srvctl start asm Option
B-27 srvctl stop Summary
B-28 srvctl stop database Options
B-29 srvctl stop instance Options
B-30 srvctl stop service Options
B-31 srvctl stop asm Option
B-32 srvctl modify Summary
B-33 srvctl modify database Options
B-34 srvctl modify instance Options
B-35 srvctl modify service Options for an Available Instance
B-36 srvctl modify service Options for Changing an Available Instance to Preferred
B-37 srvctl modify service Options for Changing Instances between Preferred and Available status
B-38 srvctl modify nodeapps Option
B-39 srvctl relocate Summary
B-40 srvctl relocate service Options
B-41 srvctl status Summary
B-42 srvctl status database Options
B-43 srvctl status instance Options
B-44 srvctl status service Options
B-45 srvctl getenv Summary
B-46 srvctl getenv database Options
B-47 srvctl getenv database Options
B-48 srvctl getenv service Options
B-49 srvctl getenv nodeapps Options
B-50 srvctl setenv and unsetenv Summary
B-51 srvctl setenv database Options
B-52 srvctl setenv instance Options
B-53 srvctl setenv service Options
B-54 srvctl setenv nodeapps Options
B-55 srvctl unsetenv database Options
B-56 srvctl unsetenv instance Options
B-57 srvctl unsetenv service Options
B-58 srvctl unsetenv nodeapps Options
B-59 srvctl remove Summary
B-60 srvctl remove database Options
B-61 srvctl remove instance Options
B-62 srvctl remove service Options
B-63 srvctl remove nodeapps Options
B-64 srvctl remove asm Option