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Oracle® Real Application Clusters Deployment and Performance Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10768-01
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What's New in Deployment and Performance?

Oracle Database 10g New Features in RAC Deployment and Performance

1 Introduction to Deployment and Performance

Overview of Deploying Applications on Real Application Clusters
Implementing Oracle Features with Real Application Clusters
Cluster File Systems in Real Application Clusters
Storage Management Features and Real Application Clusters
Services in Oracle Database 10g
Cluster Ready Services and High Availability in Real Application Clusters
Cluster Ready Services
Cluster Ready Services and High Availability
Additional Oracle High Availability Features and Solutions
Connection Load Balancing in Real Application Clusters
Recovery Manager (RMAN) in Real Application Clusters
Data Guard
Primary/Secondary Instance Configurations in Earlier Releases

2 Design and Deployment Techniques

Service Configuration Recommendations for High Availability
Service Topologies and Managing Workloads in Real Application Clusters Environments
Recommended Real Application Clusters Service Configurations
Automatic Workload Repository
Setting Service Levels and Thresholds
How Cluster Ready Services Manages Service Relocation
General Database Deployment Topics for Real Application Clusters
Tablespace Use in Real Application Clusters
Object Creation and Performance in Real Application Clusters
Node Addition and Deletion and the SYSAUX Tablespace in Real Application Clusters
Using User-Mode IPC Protocols

3 Monitoring Performance

Overview of Monitoring Real Application Clusters Databases
Verifying the Interconnect Settings for Real Application Clusters
Influencing Interconnect Processing
Performance Views in Real Application Clusters
Real Application Clusters Performance Statistics
The Content of Real Application Clusters Statistics
Automatic Workload Repository in Real Application Clusters Environments
Monitoring RAC Statistics and Events
RAC statistics and events in AWR and Statspack reports
Wait Events for RAC
Monitoring Performance by Analyzing GCS and GES Statistics
Analyzing Cache Fusion Impact in Real Application Clusters
Analyzing Performance Using GCS and GES Statistics
Analyzing Cache Fusion Transfer Impact Using GCS Statistics
Analyzing Response Times Based on Wait Events

4 Monitoring Performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager for Real Application Clusters
Enterprise Manager Performance Pages for Real Application Clusters
Using the Cluster Performance Page
Using the Cluster Database Performance Page
Using the Cluster Cache Coherency Page
Using the Cluster Cache Coherency Instances Page
Service Relocation and High Availability Events

5 Application-Specific Deployment Topics

General Deployment Strategies for Real Application Clusters-Based Applications
Deploying OLTP Applications in Real Application Clusters
Flexible Implementation with Cache Fusion
Deploying Data Warehouse Applications with Real Application Clusters
Speed-Up for Data Warehouse Applications on Real Application Clusters
Parallel Execution in Data Warehouse Systems and RAC
Using Parallel Instance Groups

A Services Deployment Example

Configuration Planning
Service Planning
Cluster Node and Network Interface Planning
Manual Configuration for High Availability
Step 1. Add Node Applications
Step 2. Add Database and Instance Applications
Step 3. Add Service Applications
Using Services
Using Services with Client Applications
TNS Connection Description for ERP Service
TNS Connection Description for ERP Service with TAF BASIC
TNS Connection Description for ERP Service with TAF Preconnect
Thick JDBC Connection Description for ERP Service
Thin JDBC Connection Description for ERP Service
Listener Configuration for Services
Sample listener.ora Entry
Sample Remote Listener Entries
Oracle Instance Parameters
Manual Configuration for Workload Management
Step 1. Add Service Priorities
Step 2. Add Job Classes
Step 3. Add Service Performance Thresholds
Step 4. Enable Service, Module, and Action Monitoring
Using Services with Job Scheduler
Using Callouts for Fast Application Notification
Configuring JDBC Fast Application Notification
Configuring the JDBC Client Side
Configuring the RAC High Availability Server Side
Step 1 - Configure the ONS Daemon
Step 2 - Check that the ONS Daemon is Running
Using a Shared Oracle Home