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Oracle® Database Error Messages
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10744-01
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20 ORA-40001 to ORA-40273

ORA-40001: value for string must be greater than zero
Cause: The input parameter in question has a value of zero or less.
Action: Provide a value greater than zero for the relevant parameter.
ORA-40002: wordsize must be string or greater
Cause: The input wordsize is less than the prescribed limit for the BLAST Match or Align algorithm.
Action: Provide a wordsize greater than or equal to the prescribed value.
ORA-40003: wordsize must be in the range string - string for BLAST-P
Cause: The input wordsize has a value out of the prescribed range.
Action: Provide a wordsize value within the prescribed range for BLAST-P.
ORA-40004: penalty must be negative for BLAST-N
Cause: The input value provided for penalty is zero or greater.
Action: Provide a negative penalty value.
ORA-40101: Data Mining System Error string-string-string
Cause: An internal system error occured during a data mining operation.
Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.
ORA-40102: invalid input string for data mining operation string
Cause: The input parameter is either null or invalid for the given operation.
Action: Provide a valid value. Check range for NUMBER parameters.
ORA-40103: invalid case-id column: string
Cause: The column designated as case-id is not of one of CHAR, VARCHAR2, NUMBER data type. Case-id columns of type CHAR and VARCHAR2 must be of length less than or equal to 128 bytes.
Action: Change the schema of your input data to supply a case-id column of appropriate data type and/or length.
ORA-40104: invalid training data for model build
Cause: The training data provided in the reported table is unsuitable for build, either because it is empty, has unsuitable data, or the schema of the table does not match the input specifications.
Action: Inspect the training data and correct the contents/schema as appropriate.
ORA-40105: input data incompatible with model signature
Cause: The data provided for this post-build operation is in format different from that used for model build.
Action: Provide data whose attribute data types match the build data. Input data attributes must have the same data types as those described in the model signature for the model.
ORA-40106: positive target value not specified for computing Lift
Cause: Positive target value has not been specified for Lift.
Action: Provide a positive target value for the Lift operation.
ORA-40107: operation requires string option to be installed
Cause: The specified option has not been installed with the RDBMS.
Action: Install the reported option and retry the operation.
ORA-40108: input data contains too few distinct target (string) values
Cause: At least two distinct target values are required for Build.
Action: Provide counter-example target values in the input data.
ORA-40201: invalid input parameter string
Cause: The input parameter was either null or invalid.
Action: Provide a valid value for the input parameter.
ORA-40202: column string does not exist in the input table string
Cause: The column was missing from the table.
Action: Correct the table schema and/or provide the correct column name.
ORA-40203: model string does not exist
Cause: The model did not exist.
Action: Supply a valid model name.
ORA-40204: model string already exists
Cause: A model by the same name exists.
Action: Provide a different, unique name for the model.
ORA-40205: invalid setting name string
Cause: The input setting name was invalid.
Action: Consult the documentation for the settings table and provide a valid setting name.
ORA-40206: invalid setting value for setting name string
Cause: The input value for the given setting name was invalid.
Action: Consult the documentation for the settings table and provide a valid setting value.
ORA-40207: duplicate or multiple function settings
Cause: The input settings table contained settings for multiple mining functions.
Action: Provide setting(s) for a single function in the settings table.
ORA-40208: duplicate or multiple algorithm settings for function string
Cause: The input settings table had duplicate or multiple algorithm settings for a mining function.
Action: Provide only one appropriate algorithm setting for the mining function.
ORA-40209: setting % is invalid for % function
Cause: The specified setting was not supported for the mining function supplied.
Action: Provide appropriate combination of function and algorithm settings.
ORA-40211: algorithm name string is invalid
Cause: Algorithm name for the model was invalid or the operation was not valid for the algorithm.
Action: Check the algorithm name for the model and verify that the operation is valid.
ORA-40212: invalid target data type in input data for string function
Cause: Target data type was invalid.
Action: Classification function accepts CHAR,VARCHAR2, and NUMBER targets. Regression function accepts NUMBER targets only.
ORA-40213: contradictory values for settings: string, string
Cause: The settings values were not compatible.
Action: Check the documentation and change the setting value(s).
ORA-40214: duplicate setting: string
Cause: Duplicate setting in the settings table.
Action: Remove the duplicate setting from the settings table.
ORA-40215: model string is incompatible with current operation
Cause: The current operation was not supported for the mining function the model corresponds to.
Action: Provide the model name suitable for current operation.
ORA-40216: feature not supported
Cause: The feature was not supported in the API.
Action: Modify the code to avoid usage of the feature.
ORA-40219: apply result table string is incompatible with current operation
Cause: The current operation was not allowed for the apply result table supplied.
Action: Make sure the operation being performed is valid for the mining function used to build the model (using which the apply result table was created).
ORA-40220: maximum number of attributes exceeded
Cause: The data had too many attributes.
Action: Reduce the dimensionality of the data.
ORA-40221: maximum target cardinality exceeded
Cause: The target cardinality of the training data was too high.
Action: Reduce the target cardinality.
ORA-40222: data mining model export failed, job name=string, error=string
Cause: The model export job failed.
Action: Check export job settings as required by DataPump.
ORA-40223: data mining model import failed, job name=string, error=string
Cause: The model import job failed.
Action: Check import job settings as required by DataPump.
ORA-40225: model is currently in use by another process
Cause: The model is currently in use by another process.
Action: Retry if necessary.
ORA-40251: no support vectors were found
Cause: The input data is non-predictive in nature, or one of the input settings is incorrect/incompatible with respect to the input data.
Action: Provide additional data or change model setting value.
ORA-40252: no target values were found
Cause: No target values were identified during load.
Action: Validate that the target is correctly specified.
ORA-40253: no target counter examples were found
Cause: One or more of the target classes have only positive examples.
Action: Provide counter examples or remove that target class.
ORA-40261: input data for model build contains negative values
Cause: The input data contains negative values, which is not acceptable for a Non-negative Matrix Factorization model.
Action: Provide clean data for build without any negative values.
ORA-40262: NMF: number of features not between [1, string]
Cause: The number of requested features must be greater than 1, and less than the smaller of the number of attributes and the number of cases in the dataset.
Action: Specify the desired number of features within the acceptable range.
ORA-40271: no statistically significant features were found
Cause: Input data inadequate in volume and/or quality to derive statistically significant predictions for building a Adaptive Bayes Network model.
Action: Provide a well-prepared training data set.
ORA-40272: apply rules prohibited for this model mode
Cause: Adaptive Bayes Network rules are only generated for SingleFeature ABN models
Action: Rebuild model in SingleFeature mode and then apply with rules.
ORA-40273: invalid model type string for Adaptive Bayes Network algorithm
Cause: The valid values for the abns_model_type settings are: abns_multi_feature, abns_single_feature, abns_naive_bayes.
Action: Use a valid value for the abns_model_type setting.