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Oracle® Database SQL Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10759-01
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Object Access Expressions

An object access expression specifies attribute reference and method invocation.

Description of object_access_expression.gif follows
Description of the illustration object_access_expression.gif

The column parameter can be an object or REF column. If you specify expr, it must resolve to an object type.

When a type's member function is invoked in the context of a SQL statement, if the SELF argument is null, Oracle returns null and the function is not invoked.


The following example creates a table based on the sample oe.order_item_typ object type, and then shows how you would update and select from the object column attributes.

CREATE TABLE short_orders (
   sales_rep VARCHAR2(25), item order_item_typ);

UPDATE short_orders s SET sales_rep = 'Unassigned';

SELECT o.item.line_item_id, o.item.quantity FROM short_orders o;