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The guipref3.gif image shows the windows dialog box titled Environment which contains three panes and two buttons. The three panes are labelled:

The Set Options pane contains a scrollable text selection box containing a list of options to choose from. The echo option is selected.

The Value area contains two groups of two radio buttons and a numeric input field. The radio buttons in the first group are labelled:

Custom is selected. A text callout from the Custom label contains the following: "Click Custom to set your own value.". The radio buttons in the second group are labelled:

On is selected.

The numeric input field contains no value, and is greyed out and unavailable. A text callout from the numeric input field contains the following: "The text box is not available because echo can only be on or off".

The Screen Buffer pane contains two numeric input fields labelled:

The two buttons are labelled: