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Pro*COBOL® Getting Started
Releases 9.2 and 1.8.77 for Windows

Part Number A96113-03
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What's New in Pro*COBOL?

Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) New Features in Pro*COBOL
Oracle9i Release 1 (9.0.1) New Features in Pro*COBOL
Oracle9i Release 1 (9.0.1) Deprecated or Desupported Features in Pro*COBOL

1 Introducing Pro*COBOL

1.1 What is Pro*COBOL?
1.2 Release 1.8.77
1.3 Supported Compilers
1.4 Features
1.5 Restrictions
1.6 Directory Structure
1.6.1 Header Files
1.6.2 Library File
1.6.3 Known Problems, Restrictions, and Workarounds

2 Building Pro*COBOL Applications

2.1 Precompiling Pro*COBOL Applications
2.1.1 The Pro*COBOL Commands
2.1.2 Precompiler Options Viewing the Available Options Configuration Files
2.1.3 Embedding PL/SQL
2.2 Compiling and Linking Pro*COBOL Applications
2.2.1 MERANT Micro Focus Compiler How to Use the IDE How to Use the Animator The COBOL and CBLLINK Commands The COBSQL Command
2.3 Sample Programs
2.3.1 Building the Demonstration Tables
2.3.2 Building the Sample Programs makeit.bat
2.3.3 Sample Files

3 Pro*COBOL for Windows

3.1 Introduction to Pro*COBOL for Windows
3.1.1 Release 1.8.77
3.1.2 Supported Compilers
3.1.3 Features
3.1.4 Restrictions
3.1.5 Directory Structure Header Files Library File Known Problems, Restrictions, and Workarounds
3.2 Building Pro*COBOL Applications
3.2.1 Precompiling Pro*COBOL Applications The Pro*COBOL Commands Precompiler Options Embedding PL/SQL
3.2.2 Compiling and Linking Pro*COBOL Applications MERANT Micro Focus Compiler
3.2.3 Sample Programs Building the Demonstration Tables Building the Sample Programs Sample Files