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Oracle® Provider for OLE DB Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10115-01
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Component Object Model (COM)

A binary standard that enables objects to interact with other objects, regardless of the programming language that each object was written in.


A consumer is any application or tool that calls to a data source or the interfaces of provider to access data. See provider.

Oracle Net Services

The Oracle client/server communication software that offers transparent operation to Oracle tools or databases over any type of network protocol and operating system.


Oracle's procedural language extension to SQL.


A provider is an interface or set of components that provides data to a consumer. As the term is used with Oracle Provider for OLE DB, a data provider is a set of COM components that transfer data from a data source to consumer, by place the data in a tabular format when called for. See consumer.

stored procedure

A stored procedure is a PL/SQL block that Oracle stores in the database and can be called by name from an application.