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Oracle® Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10117-01
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What's New in Oracle Data Provider for .NET?

New Features in Oracle Data Provider for .NET Release 10.1
New Features in Oracle Data Provider for .NET Release

1 Introducing Oracle Data Provider for .NET

Overview of Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET)
ODP.NET Assembly
Oracle.DataAccess.Client Classes and Enumerations
Oracle.DataAccess.Types Classes and Structures
Using ODP.NET in a Simple Application

2 Installing and Configuring

System Requirements
Installing Oracle Data Provider for .NET
File Locations

3 Features of Oracle Data Provider for .NET

Connecting to the Oracle Database
Connection String Attributes
Connection Pooling
Operating System Authentication
Privileged Connections
Password Expiration
Proxy Authentication
Transparent Application Failover (TAF) Callback Support
ODP.NET Types Overview
Obtaining Data From an OracleDataReader
Typed OracleDataReader Accessors
.NET Type Accessors
ODP.NET Type Accessors
Obtaining LONG and LONG RAW Data
Obtaining LOB Data
Methods Supported or Not Supported for InitialLOBFetchSize
LOB Data Fetching Considerations
Controlling the Number of Rows Fetched in One Server Round-Trip
Use of FetchSize
Fine-Tuning FetchSize
Using the RowSize Property
OracleCommand Object
Parameter Binding
OracleDbType Enumeration Type
Inference of DbType, OracleDbType, and .NET Types
PL/SQL Associative Array
Array Binding
PL/SQL REF CURSOR and OracleRefCursor
Obtaining an OracleRefCursor
Obtaining a REF CURSOR
Populating an OracleDataReader from a REF CURSOR
Populating the DataSet From a REF CURSOR
Populating an OracleRefCursor From a REF CURSOR
Updating a DataSet Obtained From a REF CURSOR
Behavior of ExecuteScalar Method for REF CURSOR
LOB Support
Updating LOBs Using a DataSet
Updating LOBs Using OracleCommand and OracleParameter
Updating LOBs Using ODP.NET LOB Objects
Temporary LOBs
Globalization Support
Globalization Settings
Client Globalization Settings
Session Globalization Settings
Thread-Based Globalization Settings
Globalization-Sensitive Operations
Operations Dependent on Client Computer's Globalization Settings
Operations Dependent on Thread Globalization Settings
Operations Sensitive to Session Globalization Parameters
Guaranteeing Uniqueness in Updating DataSet to Database
What Constitutes Uniqueness in DataRows?
Configuring PrimaryKey and Constraints Properties
Updating Without PrimaryKey and Constraints Configuration
OracleDataAdapter Safe Type Mapping
Potential Data Loss
SafeMapping Property
Using Safe Type Mapping
OracleDataAdapter Requery Property
Debug Tracing
Registry Settings for Tracing Calls
Supported XML Features
OracleXmlType and Connection Dependency
Updating XMLType Data in the Database Server
Updating with DataSet, OracleDataAdapter, and OracleCommandBuilder
Updating with OracleCommand and OracleParameter
Updating XML Data in OracleXmlType
Special Characters in XML
Retrieving Query Result Set as XML
Handling Date and Time Format
Special Characters in Column Data
Special Characters In Table or View Name
Case-Sensitivity in Column Name to XML Element Name Mapping
Column Name to XML Element Name Mapping
Object-Relational Data
NULL values
Data Manipulation Using XML
Handling of Date and Time Format
Saving Changes Using XML
Special Characters in Column Data
Special Characters in Table or View Name
Case-Sensitivity in XML Element Name to Column Name Mapping
XML Element Name to Column Name Mapping
Object-Relational Data
Multiple Tables

4 Oracle.DataAccess.Client Namespace

Overview of Oracle Data Provider Classes
Oracle Data Provider Classes
OracleCommand Class
OracleCommand Members
OracleCommand Constructors
OracleCommand Static Methods
OracleCommand Properties
OracleCommand Public Methods
OracleCommandBuilder Class
OracleCommandBuilder Members
OracleCommandBuilder Constructors
OracleCommandBuilder Static Methods
OracleCommandBuilder Properties
OracleCommandBuilder Public Methods
OracleCommandBuilder Events
OracleCommandBuilder Event Delegates
OracleConnection Class
OracleConnection Members
OracleConnection Constructors
OracleConnection Static Methods
OracleConnection Properties
OracleConnection Public Methods
OracleConnection Events
OracleConnection Event Delegates
OracleDataAdapter Class
OracleDataAdapter Members
OracleDataAdapter Constructors
OracleDataAdapter Static Methods
OracleDataAdapter Properties
OracleDataAdapter Public Methods
OracleDataAdapter Events
OracleDataAdapter Event Delegates
OracleDataReader Class
OracleDataReader Members
OracleDataReader Static Methods
OracleDataReader Properties
OracleDataReader Public Methods
OracleError Class
OracleError Members
OracleError Static Methods
OracleError Properties
OracleError Methods
OracleErrorCollection Class
OracleErrorCollection Members
OracleErrorCollection Static Methods
OracleErrorCollection Properties
OracleErrorCollection Public Methods
OracleException Class
OracleException Members
OracleException Static Methods
OracleException Properties
OracleException Methods
OracleFailoverEventArgs Class
OracleFailoverEventArgs Members
OracleFailoverEventArgs Static Methods
OracleFailoverEventArgs Properties
OracleFailoverEventArgs Public Methods
OracleFailoverEventHandler Delegate
OracleGlobalization Class
OracleGlobalization Members
OracleGlobalization Static Methods
OracleGlobalization Properties
OracleGlobalization Public Methods
OracleInfoMessageEventArgs Class
OracleInfoMessageEventArgs Members
OracleInfoMessageEventArgs Static Methods
OracleInfoMessageEventArgs Properties
OracleInfoMessageEventArgs Public Methods
OracleInfoMessageEventHandler Delegate
OracleParameter Class
OracleParameter Members
OracleParameter Constructors
OracleParameter Static Methods
OracleParameter Properties
OracleParameter Public Methods
OracleParameterCollection Class
OracleParameterCollection Members
OracleParameterCollection Static Methods
OracleParameterCollection Properties
OracleParameterCollection Public Methods
OracleRowUpdatedEventHandler Delegate
OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs Class
OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs Members
OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs Constructor
OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs Static Methods
OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs Properties
OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs Public Methods
OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs Class
OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs Members
OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs Constructor
OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs Static Methods
OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs Properties
OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs Public Methods
OracleRowUpdatingEventHandler Delegate
OracleTransaction Class
OracleTransaction Members
OracleTransaction Static Methods
OracleTransaction Properties
OracleTransaction Public Methods
OracleXmlQueryProperties Class
OracleXmlQueryProperties Members
OracleXmlQueryProperties Constructor
OracleXmlQueryProperties Properties
OracleXmlQueryProperties Public Methods
OracleXmlSaveProperties Class
OracleXmlSaveProperties Members
OracleXmlSaveProperties Constructor
OracleXmlSaveProperties Properties
OracleXmlSaveProperties Public Methods
Oracle Data Provider Enumerations
FailoverEvent Enumeration
FailoverReturnCode Enumeration
FailoverType Enumeration
OracleCollectionType Enumeration
OracleDbType Enumeration
OracleParameterStatus Enumeration
OracleXmlCommandType Enumeration

5 Oracle.DataAccess.Types Namespace (ODP.NET Types)

Overview of ODP.NET Types
ODP.NET Type Structures
OracleBinary Structure
OracleBinary Members
OracleBinary Constructor
OracleBinary Static Fields
OracleBinary Static Methods
OracleBinary Static Operators
OracleBinary Static Type Conversion Operators
OracleBinary Properties
OracleBinary Instance Methods
OracleDate Structure
OracleDate Members
OracleDate Constructors
OracleDate Static Fields
OracleDate Static Methods
OracleDate Static Operators
OracleDate Static Type Conversions
OracleDate Properties
OracleDate Methods
OracleDecimal Structure
OracleDecimal Members
OracleDecimal Constructors
OracleDecimal Static Fields
OracleDecimal Static (Comparison) Methods
OracleDecimal Static (Manipulation) Methods
OracleDecimal Static (Logarithmic) Methods
OracleDecimal Static (Trigonometric) Methods
OracleDecimal Static (Comparison) Operators
OracleDecimal Static Operators (Conversion from .NET Type to OracleDecimal)
OracleDecimal Static Operators (Conversion from OracleDecimal to .NET)
OracleDecimal Properties
OracleDecimal Instance Methods
OracleIntervalDS Structure
OracleIntervalDS Members
OracleIntervalDS Constructors
OracleIntervalDS Static Fields
OracleIntervalDS Static Methods
OracleIntervalDS Static Operators
OracleIntervalDS Type Conversions
OracleIntervalDS Properties
OracleIntervalDS Methods
OracleIntervalYM Structure
OracleIntervalYM Members
OracleIntervalYM Constructors
OracleIntervalYM Static Fields
OracleIntervalYM Static Methods
OracleIntervalYM Static Operators
OracleIntervalYM Type Conversions
OracleIntervalYM Properties
OracleIntervalYM Methods
OracleString Structure
OracleString Members
OracleString Constructors
OracleString Static Fields
OracleString Static Methods
OracleString Static Operators
OracleString Type Conversions
OracleString Properties
OracleString Methods
OracleTimeStamp Structure
OracleTimeStamp Members
OracleTimeStamp Constructors
OracleTimeStamp Static Fields
OracleTimeStamp Static Methods
OracleTimeStamp Static Operators
OracleTimeStamp Static Type Conversions
OracleTimeStamp Properties
OracleTimeStamp Methods
OracleTimeStampLTZ Structure
OracleTimeStampLTZ Members
OracleTimeStampLTZ Constructors
OracleTimeStampLTZ Static Fields
OracleTimeStampLTZ Static Methods
OracleTimeStampLTZ Static Type Operators
OracleTimeStampLTZ Static Type Conversions
OracleTimeStampLTZ Properties
OracleTimeStampLTZ Methods
OracleTimeStampTZ Structure
OracleTimeStampTZ Members
OracleTimeStampTZ Constructors
OracleTimeStampTZ Static Fields
OracleTimeStampTZ Static Methods
OracleTimeStampTZ Static Operators
OracleTimeStampTZ Static Type Conversions
OracleTimeStampTZ Properties
OracleTimeStampTZ Methods
ODP.NET Type Exceptions
OracleTypeException Class
OracleTypeException Members
OracleTypeException Constructors
OracleTypeException Static Methods
OracleTypeException Properties
OracleTypeException Methods
OracleNullValueException Class
OracleNullValueException Members
OracleNullValueException Constructors
OracleNullValueException Static Methods
OracleNullValueException Properties
OracleNullValueException Methods
OracleTruncateException Class
OracleTruncateException Members
OracleTruncateException Constructors
OracleTruncateException Static Methods
OracleTruncateException Properties
OracleTruncateException Methods
ODP.NET Type Objects
OracleBFile Class
OracleBFile Members
OracleBFile Constructors
OracleBFile Static Fields
OracleBFile Static Methods
OracleBFile Instance Properties
OracleBFile Instance Methods
OracleBlob Class
OracleBlob Members
OracleBlob Constructors
OracleBlob Static Fields
OracleBlob Static Methods
OracleBlob Instance Properties
OracleBlob Instance Methods
OracleClob Class
OracleClob Members
OracleClob Constructors
OracleClob Static Fields
OracleClob Static Methods
OracleClob Instance Properties
OracleClob Instance Methods
OracleRefCursor Class
OracleRefCursor Members
OracleRefCursor Static Methods
OracleRefCursor Properties
OracleRefCursor Instance Methods
OracleXmlStream Class
OracleXmlStream Members
OracleXmlStream Constructor
OracleXmlStream Static Methods
OracleXmlStream Instance Properties
OracleXmlStream Instance Methods
OracleXmlType Class
OracleXmlType Members
OracleXmlType Constructors
OracleXmlType Static Methods
OracleXmlType Instance Properties
OracleXmlType Instance Methods